Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freshman Fifteen

I'm really bad at blogging consistently...I'm trying to get better and the only way to do that is to start somewhere. And what better place than my newest adventure--College. I've heard its supposed to be all about "finding yourself" or "experimenting" or "figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life." Well..since I find my ultimate identity in Christ and my new self in Him..there's not too much finding or experimenting I want to do and I did the little of that I needed last year in my crazy gap year. I also think I know what I want to do with the rest of my life because Christ has placed a huge weight on my heart for children and a massive passion for education. So I should be ahead of the game right?  NOPE...instead of feeling like I have a better foundation to go on and that I can just relax in this Freshman year, I really just feel more lost right now. Everyone is completely in love with college, but I feel bogged down and like I'm not doing anything I love compared my last incredible year at SOS. I also feel like a duck in a pond of geese because it seems like everyone else is beginning to settle into their niche. People, I officially feel the weight of culture shock. I am back in the world of aimless wandering. I am away from solid community that I love and know I can trust with anything. I'm even sleeping in a new bed that still doesn't feel like "mine" which makes sleeping a whole lot harder. Somehow in this, I have learned a lot. Really, just 15 main things...my freshman fifteen (although, if I keep eating easy mac, there might be another freshman 15 on the way) None of these things are really enlightened or anything, but they have become huge aspects of daily keeping me sane...

1. College is hard but.....
2. My sweet Savior is all I really need to feel at peace
3. When my identity rests in Christ alone, I can take on anything my sorority, professors, or peers throw at me
4. Sometimes I just need to devote a day to doing absolutely nothing but rest in Him
5. Journaling is ESSENTIAL
6. Having a tattoo is the BEST conversation starter ever..even when I don't want to have a real conversation
7. God has impeccable timing...
8. Sometimes it doesn't feel like God has incredible timing
9. A good long run takes the weight of the world off my shoulders
10. Without prayer, I wouldn't last a second around here
11. "Roll Tide" 
12. Great roommates are the key to a great year
13. Never actually meeting my RAs was possibly the best decision of my life
14. God provides in amazing ways only He can when I actually just trust Him
15. Feeling lost is when God finds me

So that is what I know. Its not very much for now, but its the little I have to go on and I'll see where Christ takes me with that. I don't want to waste these next few years in Bama, so I am praying God gives me incredible opportunities when I least expect them. He's cool like that.

Isaiah 42:16 Guide me Oh Lord.